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Tomáš Chadim

Tomas Chadim (1973) is a representative of contemporary progressive landscape photography. Nostalgic tendencies in photography are strange for him though. Instead, he plays with photography by using digital manipulations, making collages, flipping.

Tomas Chadim graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. He exhibited his projects in Czechia, Slovak Republic, Poland, France, Russia, Brazil, England, Serbia and Hungary.

He lives and works in Prague.

tel.: + 420 728 620 313,


Pls., note: (G) = group exhibition, (S) = solo exhibition

Upcoming: 2023: Gallery Fiducia, Ostrava, CZ – Violated landscape, (S)

2022: Gallery of Josef Jambor, Tisnov, CZ – „Other worlds“ Violated landscape, The Zone and 3 other projects (S)

2020: Центр фотографии „Март“, Yekaterinburg, RU – Violated landscape (G)

2020: NTK, Prague, CZ – Violated Landscape, (S)

2017: Fotojatka – photofestival of creative photography, Prague, Ceske Budejovice, Brno, CZ – Violated landscape, (G)

2016: Photografic Gallery, Prague, CZ – The Zone (S)

2016: Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, KHR – Violated landscape (G)

2016: Muszi Gallery, Budapest, HU – Violated landscape, (G)

2016: Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, FR – Violated landscape, (G)

2016: Maison de la Photographie, Lille, FR – Violated landscape, (G)

2015: Poznan Photo Diploma Award, Poznan, PL – Violated landscape – finalist, (G)

2015: OFF Festival Bratislava, SK – Violated landscape, (G)

2015: Syngenta Photography Award 2015 exhibitions in, London, UK, Säo Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, BRA –  Violated Landscape, (G)

2015: Industra Gallery, Brno, CZ – Violated Landscape, (G)

2014: Photo festival Photovisa, Krasnodar, RU – Violated Landscape, (G)

2011: World Biennial of Student Photography, Novi Sad, SRB – series The Singles awarded by Equal prize, (G)


Private collectors, PPF Art, MUO – Museum umění Olomouc

My statement:

I am searching out subtle evidences of the connections between landscape and human, exploring man’s sense of symmetry, which we can see all around.

I am also interested in exactly how we have come to be here on this part of our Planet. I am trying to follows the footprints that we left behind in the landscape. In so doing I am NOT interested in human being as an individual. Rather, I am interested in the whole of humanity as a community, in the whole human swarm and its behavior.