Violated landscape on Angkor Photo Festival

Project „Violated landscape“ has been featured in Siem Riep (Cambodia) on Angkor Photo Festival within the section „The Impact Project“.

Erica McGrath reported (not only) about Violated landscape for Museé Magazine on

There is a citation from the report:

On December 3rd the Angkor Photo Festival- the longest running photography event in Southeast Asia- will be emerging for it’s 12th successful year. It’s clear why the photo festival is highly anticipated and “the highlight of the Asian arts calendar” as it works dynamically to spotlight established and emerging photographers, while also offering portfolio reviews, intensive workshops, presentations and talks.

The diversity of the Angkor Photo Festival is one of the reasons it is such a successful and brilliant event. A particularly compelling component of the festival is ‚The Impact Project’ showcase that started in 2014. The showcase “highlights individuals, groups or small organizations which are making a positive impact on social or environmental issues”. Photographers from around the world have submitted their work and take on social and environmental issues, either on a global or personal scale. Of the twenty photographers being exhibited for the ‚The Impact Project’ we’ve selected six to highlight from different parts of the world.

Pavucina-Everest copy

The Czech landscape photographer focuses on the man-made technological structures inserted into the vast countryside of the Czech Republic for his series Violated Landscape. Chadim’s photographs seem to show an alien landscape, not that of earth, with large, bulbous, sharp, and intruding structures invading serene Czech environments. The sublime images are chilling in their isolation, perhaps a premonition for what is to come if mankind continues to violate nature. 

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